Ask anyone who owns one, “Why do you love your BMW?”, and they often will wax poetic about their passion for BMW vehicles. Seriously, BMW (and MINI too) are iconic brands that have a cult status and a devoted fan base.

But why? Why are BMWs and MINIs so popular? What is about these brands that make people want to own them? Because we work on a lot of BMWs and MINIs at Foreign Affairs Auto, we have a few ideas why BMW has garnered a cult following:

They are fun to drive. BMW has branded itself as the Ultimate Driving Experience. If you drive one, you know the promise of a fantastic driving experience is kept again and again. Have you ever taken a BMW or MINI to an autocross track? It’s so much fun! If you are ever lucky enough to do a driving school / track day with professional BMW race car drivers, you’re in for a whirlwind of thrills! No roller coaster can compare to a Hot Lap with a pro NASCAR driver in a BMW on a closed track. It’s so much insane fun!

They have a lot of well-engineered details. Here’s a perfect example: the gas cap holder. On most Domestic or Asian vehicles, when you take the gas cap off to fill up the tank, what does the gas cap do? It dangles from a cord and gets knocked around. But when you take the gas cap off the tank of a BMW or MINI, there is a little prong that securely holds the gas cap in place while you’re filling the tank. Additionally, when you lock your BMW or MINI, you may not be aware of it but your gas tank gets locked too. BMWs are beautifully engineered vehicles and you can tell a lot of thought went into the small details that make a good car great.

They hold their value. Have you ever gone to a car show in recent years and seen the BMWs and MINIs on display? These little cars, which were rarely regarded as highly priced when they were new, are now being sold at auction for exclusive prices. If you look at the current prices of a BMW 2002ti or a fully restored Austin Cooper Mini that are in wonderful condition, it could put a big dent in your wallet.

They have a solid community of raving fans. If you own a BMW or MINI and you’re feeling lonely, you can fix that by joining a BMW or MINI car club. There are lots of car clubs that hold rallies, races, car shows, and other events where you can meet fellow BMW owners. The community of like-minded individuals is worldwide, so you may never feel alone again!

Do you have a BMW or MINI that you adore? Our professional and highly skilled staff here at Foreign Affairs Auto in West Palm Beach is happy to service your BMW vehicles. We do our best to ensure that your vehicle is safe and running at its best. Our priority is always you. Make your appointment online to get things started. We look forward to seeing you soon and continuing our conversation about what makes BMWs so awesome!