Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about Foreign Affairs Auto.

What if my car is still under Factory Warranty from the Dealership?

We can save you money and time on all of the uncovered items such as your regular Maintenance, Oil Changes, Brakes, Tires, Fluids, and more.  Federal law protects the consumer in allowing them to decide where they prefer to service and maintain their vehicle while maintaining full new car warranty coverage.  We maintain and follow all Vehicle Manufacturer’s factory specifications.

Do you accept Extended Warranties?

Yes. We work with all kinds of aftermarket extended warranties.  We have lots of experience dealing with different types of policies to ensure proper coverage benefits.  Many extended warranty companies will not pay dealer prices leaving you to “co-pay” a large portion of the bill.  Extended Warranty companies even regularly refer their own customers to us to carry out covered repairs.

Do you offer Loaner Cars?

Since we are able to complete most repairs the same day, we focus on getting you back into your own car as quickly as possible.  We offer FREE rides back and forth through our select business partnership with UBER to make servicing even more convenient. Our customers really love it and have made loaners seem even inconvenient. For more extended stays, we work with Enterprise to offer our clients preferred discounted rates for daily and weekly rentals.

Do you install customer-supplied parts?

Due to warranty and liability reasons, we must supply all parts needed to service or repair your car. We stand behind our workmanship (parts AND labor) for as long as 3 years so we ensure all parts that go into your car are of the highest quality.

Is there a warranty on your repair?

Our workmanship warranty is one of the best in the industry.  We guarantee our parts and labor for 3 years – similar to even better coverage than what you get at most dealers.

Do you reset my service due light?

Yes. Foreign Affairs Auto continually invests in the most up to date software and diagnostic equipment to provide you with “dealer-level” service capabilities.  After each oil service or maintenance, we will reset your service reminder as part of the service.

Do you offer Car Wash/ Detailing services?

Yes. We will always wash and vacuum your car prior to returning it to you after each service as a courtesy. We take a lot of pride in our work and always want to give you back a nice clean car.  We also offer full detailing services if you are interested in bringing back your car to “showroom” level.

My car doesn’t run. Do you offer Towing?

Yes. We partner with a local tow company to provide 24/7 roadside assistance or direct towing service to our location at professional discounted rates. If you need assistance during or after hours, please call (561) 475-4145.

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