We also know they can be complex to maintain so our customer-focused approach to car care will help keep more money in your pocket & that specials love for your car alive.

Same-Day Appointments

Original Equipment Parts

3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Car Needs Service?

Our modern service center is fully-equipped to handle your BMW's needs, simply schedule an appointment today!

Are you feeling frustrated with your current mechanic or shop?

Our team is trained to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction. From the moment you call us to the minute you drive away, you will notice the difference and we will not stop until any and all issues are resolved.

Check Engine Light is On?

Seeing the check engine light turn on can make even the most seasoned driver instantly worry. Don't fret but it's a good idea to visit a service center as soon as possible. Pushing your BMW any further may result in subsequent damage. Check out our specials page to find a nice savings coupon you can apply to your visit with us!

Service Light is On?

The service light is intended to let you know when it's time for your car to visit a service center and perform regular maintenance.

Can we save you money?

Our services and repairs are very competitively priced. Our customers tell us that we typically are able to save them 30%-50% compared to going to the dealer.

Is there a warranty on your repairs?

Our workmanship warranty is one of the best in the industry.  Our repairs are covered by a 3 Year Nationwide Limited Warranty - that's even better coverage than what you get at most dealers.

Do you reset my "Service Light"?

Yes! Foreign Affairs Auto continually invests in the most up to date software and diagnostic equipment to provide you with “dealer-level” service capabilities.  After each oil service or maintenance, we will reset your service reminder as part of the service.

What if my BMW still has Factory Warranty?

We can save you money and time on all of the uncovered items such as your regular Maintenance, Oil Changes, Brakes, Tires, Fluids, and more.  Federal law protects the consumer in allowing them to decide where they prefer to service and maintain their vehicle while maintaining full new car warranty coverage.  We maintain and follow all Vehicle Manufacturer's factory specifications.

BMW Specialist Repairs & Services

  • BMW Adaptive Headlights
  • BMW AGM Battery Checked Replaced
  • BMW Air Conditioning Compressor/Climate Control
  • BMW Air Suspension
  • BMW All Wheel Drive Service & Repair
  • BMW Alternator
  • BMW Automatic Interval Control
  • BMW Automatic Transmission
  • BMW Axle
  • BMW Ball Joint
  • BMW Battery Checked Replaced
  • BMW Battery Programmed
  • BMW Battery Registered
  • BMW Belts
  • BMW Blower
  • BMW Bluetec
  • BMW Burglar Alarm System (DWA)
  • BMW Bushings
  • BMW Body Module
  • BMW Camshaft
  • BMW Carbon Build Up Cleanout
  • BMW Catalytic Converter
  • BMW Central Body Electrics
  • BMW Check Engine Light
  • BMW Charging System
  • BMW Clutch Replace
  • BMW Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • BMW Clutch Master Cylinder
  • BMW Coding
  • BMW Coil
  • BMW Condensor Replace
  • BMW Control Arm
  • BMW Coolant Leaks
  • BMW Coolant Pipe
  • BMW Coolant Leak Repair for E60, E65, E66, V8, V12, N62, 735, 745, 760
  • BMW Cooling System Service & Repair
  • BMW Cruise Control
  • BMW Cylinder Head
  • BMW Cylinder Head Cleaning
  • BMW Cylinder Head Lifter replace
  • BMW Dashlight
  • BMW Diesel Repair & Service
  • BMW Diesel
  • BMW Display/Information Systems
  • BMW Driveshaft
  • BMW Electric Cooling Fan
  • BMW Electronic Ride Level Control
  • BMW Engine Belt
  • BMW Engine Mount/Repair and Service
  • BMW Factory Retrofit Battery
  • BMW Flat Tire Service
  • BMW Front End Repairs
  • BMW Fuel pump (EKP)/Valvetronic (VTC)
  • BMW Evaporator Replace
  • BMW Fluid Leaks and Replacement
  • BMW Flywheel
  • BMW Fuel Injection
  • BMW Fuse Box
  • BMW Foot Well Control
  • BMW Head Gaskets
  • BMW Head Lights and Tail Lights
  • BMW High Performance Balance
  • BMW Hoses
  • BMW Immobilizer EWS/CAS
  • BMW Infrared Remote Control
  • BMW Instrument Cluster Electronics/IKE
  • BMW Intermediate Lever Replacement,
  • BMW Inspection
  • BMW Lamp Control Module/LSZ
  • BMW Language Input System
  • BMW Leak Out of Engine Weep Hole
  • BMW Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • BMW Misfire
  • BMW Multi-functional Steering Wheel
  • BMW Multi-information Display
  • BMW Multiple Restraint Systems
  • BMW Maintenance Inspection
  • BMW Oil Change
  • BMW Oil leaks
  • BMW Oil Leaks/Oil Pan
  • BMW Overheating Repair
  • BMW Oxygen Sensor
  • BMW Park Distance Control And Heating
  • BMW Pick up and Deliver
  • BMW Power Steering
  • BMW Power Windows and Glass
  • BMW Power Steering
  • BMW Power Seat
  • BMW Pulleys
  • BMW Pump
  • BMW Pre Purchase Inspection
  • BMW Rack and Pinion
  • BMW Radiator
  • BMW Rain light sensor
  • BMW Radio/Navigation/Telephone/ Video monitor
  • BMW Power Window (repair-Replace)
  • BMW Relay
  • BMW Rear View Mirror
  • BMW Reset and Adaptation Program
  • BMW Rocker arm Replacement
  • BMW Roll-over System/convertible Hood Module
  • BMW Seat/Steering Module
  • BMW Secondary Air
  • BMW Service Light
  • BMW Shocks
  • BMW SMG Transmission Repair
  • BMW SMG repair Diagnostic service Reprogram
  • BMW Solenoid Test and Replace
  • BMW Spark Plug Replaced
  • BMW Steering Repairs
  • BMW State Inspection
  • BMW Throttle Body Replace and Code
  • BMW Tierods
  • BMW Timing Belt
  • BMW TPM Tire Pressure Monitors
  • BMW Tire Install
  • BMW Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • BMW Transmissions
  • BMW Transmissions Replace & Install
  • BMW Transmissions Repair
  • BMW Transmissions Reseal
  • BMW Transmissions Diagnose
  • BMW Transmissions Reprogram
  • BMW Transmissions Service
  • BMW Transmissions Filter/Replace
  • BMW Transmissions Update
  • BMW Transmissions Oil Leak
  • BMW Transmissions Mounts
  • BMW Transmissions Noise
  • BMW Transmissions Light
  • BMW Transmissions Overdrive
  • BMW Transmissions Fluid Leak
  • BMW Transmissions Fluid Replace
  • BMW Transmissions Fluid Service
  • BMW Transmissions Fluid Check
  • BMW Transmissions Computer
  • BMW Turbo Charger
  • BMW ValveTronic Testing & Repairing
  • BMW Valve/Valve Cover
  • BMW Vanos
  • BMW Waterpump
  • BMW Wheel Allignment
  • BMW X Drive Repair
  • BMW Xenon Lights
  • BMW 4 Wheel Drive Repair & Service

BMW Models Serviced

  • BMW B7L
  • BMW 128 I
  • BMW 135 I
  • BMW 323 I
  • BMW 328 XI
  • BMW 335 I
  • BMW 335 XDrive
  • BMW 335 I Drive
  • BMW 335 XI
  • BMW 335 IX Drive
  • BMW 335IS
  • BMW 528 I
  • BMW 528 IXDrive
  • BMW S88
  • BMW 528 XI
  • BMW 530XI
  • BMW 535I
  • BMW 325 IS
  • BMW X4
  • BMW X2
  • BMW Saloon
  • BMW Roadster
  • BMW Convertible
  • BMW Gran Tourer
  • BMW 3-Series
  • BMW 535 X-DRIVE
  • BMW 550 I
  • BMW 550GT
  • BMW 750 I
  • BMW 750 IL
  • BMW M3
  • BMW 745
  • BMW M5
  • BMW M6
  • BMW X3
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X5-XDrive35d
  • BMW X5XDrive50i
  • BMW X-5M Diesel
  • BMW X6
  • BMW 128X-Drive
  • BMW 428I X-Drive
  • BMW 435I X-Drive
  • BMW 640I
  • BMW 640 X-Drive
  • BMW M2
  • BMW Cabriolet
  • BMW Armoured
  • BMW Gran Coupe
  • BMW Sedan
  • BMW 4-Series
  • BMW 7-Series
  • BMW 650 X-Drive
  • BMW 760 X-Drive
  • BMW X-I
  • BMW M235I
  • BMW 328 x Drive
  • BMW Z3
  • BMW Z4
  • BMW 745i
  • BMW Z8
  • BMW 760 LX
  • BMW Aplina B7
  • BMW 323 CI
  • BMW 328 CI
  • BMW 328 I
  • BMW 840 CI
  • BMW 7451L
  • BMW 850 CSI
  • BMW 850 CI
  • BMW 318 I
  • BMW 318 IS
  • BMW 325
  • BMW M3
  • BMW X1
  • BMW Touring
  • BMW Hydrogen
  • BMW Gran Turismo
  • BMW 1-Series
  • BMW 5-Series
  • BMW 525 I
  • BMW 535 I
  • BMW 535 IGT
  • BMW 535 IGTXDrive
  • BMW 535 IXDrive
  • BMW 540 I
  • BMW 550 IGT
  • BMW 550 GTXDrive
  • BMW 550 IXDrive
  • BMW 640 I
  • BMW 650 I
  • BMW 650 IXDrive
  • BMW 740 I
  • BMW 740 IL
  • BMW 750 LiXDrive
  • BMW 750 XDrive
  • BMW 760 Li
  • BMW 545
  • BMW X1
  • BMW 535GT
  • BMW 750i
  • BMW M4
  • BMW Compact
  • BMW Coupe
  • BMW Active Tourer
  • BMW 2-Series
  • BMW 6-Series
  • BMW M10
  • BMW 514
  • BMW M40
  • BMW M42
  • BMW M43
  • BMW M44
  • BMW N42
  • BMW N46
  • BMW N45
  • BMW N45
  • BMW N43
  • BMW N20
  • BMW N13
  • BMW N26
  • BMW M78
  • BMW 4.4 L V8
  • BMW 2.5 L
  • BMW 2.0 L 4-cylinder
  • BMW 3.0 6-cylinder Diesel
  • BMW 6.0 L V12
  • BMW 1.9 L 4-cylinder
  • BMW M328
  • BMW M335
  • BMW M337
  • BMW M30
  • BMW M20
  • BMW B47
  • BMW B37
  • BMW B38
  • BMW B48
  • BMW M60
  • BMW M88
  • BMW 588
  • BMW M102
  • BMW M106
  • BMW M50
  • BMW m5OTU
  • BMW 3.0 L
  • BMW 3.0 L 6-cylinder
  • BMW 6.6 L V12
  • BMW 2.5 L 6-cylinder
  • BMW 1.5 L 3-cylinder
  • BMW M52
  • BMW m52Tu
  • BMW S50
  • BMW s52
  • BMW M54
  • BMW S54
  • BMW N52
  • BMW N54
  • BMW N53
  • BMW N55
  • BMW N55
  • BMW N74
  • BMW N54
  • BMW N62
  • BMW N63
  • BMW M60
  • BMW 2.0L
  • BMW 3.0 L I6
  • BMW M54 6-cylinder
  • BMW 2.8 L 6-cylinder
  • BMW I-6 Twin Turbo
  • BMW M62
  • BMW N62/S
  • BMW S65
  • BMW N63
  • BMW S63
  • BMW S85
  • BMW M70
  • BMW S70
  • BMW M73
  • BMW 570/2
  • BMW N73
  • BMW N74
  • BMW M41
  • BMW M47
  • BMW N47
  • BMW M57
  • BMW N57
  • BMW 5.4 L V12
  • BMW 4.9 L V8 (S62)
  • BMW 5.6 L V12

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Schedule an Estimate

Pick a date and time that is convenient for you using our scheduling tool. We will confirm your appointment and one of our contractors will come to you to learn about your upcoming project.


Get a Quote & A Timeline

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Services we offer

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Brake Repair
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Oil Change
Engine Repair
Engine Repair
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Oil Leaks
Oil Leaks
Water Pump
Water Pump

BMW Repair & Service:

West Palm Beach, FL

You purchased your BMW for its top-of-the-line performance, classic style, and overall quality, and we want those characteristics to continue living up to your expectations. That’s why Foreign Affairs Auto Service Center focuses on bringing you the best BMW service in the West Palm Beach, FL area, while also offering conveniences like same-day appointments and two-year warranties on all parts and service. With the best service professionals in the industry, the Foreign Affairs Auto Service Center is where smart BMW owners bring their vehicles to in West Palm Beach, FL.

Have you always wondered when you are supposed to service your BMW exactly? Foreign Affairs Auto has a service schedule planner that we can use to notify you when your BMW needs certain procedures performed at certain mileage checkpoints. Don’t miss out on vital service schedule checkups and end up having to get a major repair.

Same-Day Appointments & Service

BMW Oil Change Service in West Palm Beach FL

Whether you need to set up a regular maintenance schedule for your BMW, get a check engine light diagnosed, or require more serious BMW repair, Foreign Affairs Auto Service Center in West Palm Beach, FL accepts same-day appointments to meet the demands of your busy schedule. With a team of experienced BMW technicians, you’ll receive the most thorough inspections, diagnostics, and repair from accomplished BMW technicians.

Even something as simple as a routine BMW oil change service in West Palm Beach, FL needs to be precise for optimal vehicle performance. Let the professionals at the Foreign Affairs Auto Service Center keep your BMW running the way it should with accurate, timely, and precise routine oil change services. We promise no matter how big or small the job is our professionally trained BMW experts will always provide you with A+ work!

BMW Parts and Labor Warranty

When you drive your BMW off the Foreign Affairs Auto Service Center lot, our two-year guarantee on any parts or repair goes with you. If our same-day appointments and customer service didn’t instill total confidence, this will. Any parts we replaced or services we performed are backed by a two-year warranty once you drive off the Foreign Affairs Auto Service center lot. If any work performed at our shop leads to problems, you can bring your BMW back for our team of skilled technicians to diagnose and repair without any cost to you. We are extremely confident in our service and want you to share that sentiment, so bring your vehicle to the Foreign Affairs Auto Service Center and experience the premier BMW service center in West Palm Beach, FL.

Have you been taken advantage of by BMW dealerships charging you an arm and a leg just to service your vehicle? Foreign Affairs Auto has lower BMW service prices compared to your normal BMW dealership. Get the BMW service you need at the prices that won’t take a huge chunk out of your wallet. For even more value, we also frequently provide service coupons so you can save money every time you service your BMW vehicle!

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