What to do with your car when you are gone is a common concern. A lot of that depends on how long you are gone and what kind of car you own. It also depends on where you leave your vehicle while you are away.

If you have a vehicle that needs to be driven on a regular basis and you plan to be gone for weeks or even months, you’ll definitely want someone to take it for the occasional spin around the block. Even if you have a very modern model, leaving it undriven for months on end can be detrimental.

If you are most concerned with its general safety, you can leave it in a secured lot. It’s best not to leave it in underground parking where no one pays attention to the comings and goings of vehicles.

When you leave it in your own garage, it’s still nice to have someone check on it from time to time. Starting it occasionally will help keep it ready for your return. If you park it out and away from West Palm Beach, you’ll definitely want to consider having it checked on and having it inspected for rodents. No one wants to come back from a long trip only to find their vehicle won’t start because wires have been chewed through by local rodents. Even if they are the long-eared cute and fuzzy ones!

The bottom line is to make the decision based on what will leave you the least anxious about your car as it sits while you are gone? Put it somewhere you feel it will remain safely stored for the duration and don’t be afraid to ask someone to check in on it while you’re away. Find someone you trust and know has your back. The team at Foreign Affairs Auto in West Palm Beach is here for all of your auto maintenance needs and will help you get back up to speed when you return. Make your appointment online to get things started. Hope to see you soon!