Isn’t November and Thanksgiving a wonderful time of year? We love the giving and gratitude that takes place in November every year–and wish it extended to the rest of the year, too. For some reason, people are thinking about all the things they’re grateful for, and that creates a spiraling effect, where everyone is on a similar wavelength. Here are some ideas for expressing gratitude in your car and for your car.

The Wave or the Peace Sign

When someone lets you in during rush hour traffic, that certainly merits a thank you. So giving drivers a quick wave is considerate when they’ve gone out of their way for you. We sometimes see motorcycles giving a nod or a wave, too, when we share the road by moving out of their way. Another popular signal is the peace sign or tipping the hat as a gesture of thanks.

Thanking People for Good Driving or Parking

In some areas of the country, there are programs where police department give out tickets for excellent driving. Wouldn’t you be a little shocked if you were pulled over for good driving? We know that kind of ticket would be taped to the refrigerator door for sure! Another good practice we’ve seen is giving someone a ticket for good parking. Parallel parking seems to be a lost art some days, doesn’t it?

We’re Thankful for You!

Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. Our customers (that’s you!) let us be successful by continuing to support our business. We could never do it without you. And if we don’t say it enough, let us say it again: We appreciate you! We are so thankful for your business, your good reviews, and the referrals, too. Thank you again!

Maintaining Your Car

Being grateful for your car could mean something as small as taking it to the car wash, changing out the wiper blades, or vacuuming the interior. We know first-hand how much people love their cars because sometimes we see them patting them when they drop off their cars as if to say “see you in a little while, friend!”

Does Your Vehicle Need Some Love?

Bring your car into Foreign Affairs Auto for service to ensure your car is running smoothly! We promise to love and respect your car like it’s our own. Our 31-point inspection will give you peace of mind. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in the West Palm Beach area, and an excellent service experience with us. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We’ll be here for you.