Spooky season is coming up, and there are many sounds that we are going to hear! Many of them will be pleasant and with the Halloween theme, but there are plenty of sounds you may start to hear from your car and those sounds… well they’re never in season, are they? Here are some of those scary sounds, what they mean, and what next steps are for you and your vehicle’s maintenance.
1. Is that the screeching of a banshee?
Well, that depends, but first, we have to determine where the sound is coming from. If the sound is coming from your wheels, it likely means that it is time to change your brake pads. They are designed to make those noises after wearing down to help alert you, but that doesn’t mean the sound isn’t scary to hear! Worn down brakes aren’t in themselves dangerous right away, but it is important to get them replaced in a timely manner to prevent more serious replacements or repairs.
What if that screeching is coming from under the hood? If it is, it could be your drive belt, and the sound is an indication that it has gotten worn down over time and is in need of replacement. The sound comes from the slipping of the belt. Since the belt is moved by the engine’s revolutions and is a part of the entire engine system, it is important that you get it replaced soon after it shows signs of wear so you can avoid problems with your engine/major car systems.
2. Haunted workshop sounds?
Do you hear grinding or crunching when you’re braking? That could be the sound of your brake pads having gone past the point of being worn down. Did you miss the banshee screech? Now your car is telling you that there is metal on metal causing that grinding sound, and that means it is time to pay immediate attention to your braking system. The last thing you want is to experience any brake failure, so make sure you get your car into your mechanic as soon as possible to avoid any major issues.
3. Does it sound like a monster is living in your car?
Sounds such as growling or even a roaring sound can mean that there is something going on with your tires or wheel bearings. These issues can become serious quickly, especially in any type of unideal weather. You don’t want to get stranded with a flat no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. Slay the monsters by taking your vehicle in and having it checked out by professionals.
4. Tap, tap, tap… is someone there?
Do you hear a tapping sound when you’re turning the wheel? It could mean that your CV (constant velocity) joint is worn down. The CV joints are pivotal in the transfer of direction from the steering wheel to the wheels of your car through the driveshaft. Though sometimes it’s possible for your CV joints to hold out a while after starting to show signs of wear, it is better not to risk complete wheel control, which can lead to not being able to drive your car because you can’t steer or even an accident.
There are tons of sounds that come from your car, and many of them can be normal, however, many of them are indicators that there is something that needs to be looked at or replaced. Don’t ignore the noises and take your car in for regular maintenance to avoid and truly scary situations while on the road. Before any sound gets too scary, be sure to stop into Foreign Affairs Auto to get your car ready. We do our best to ensure that your vehicle is safe. Make your appointment online to get things started. Hope to see you soon!