Recent debate about climate change has caused a stir in the automotive industry; innovative solutions to help decrease auto emissions that take a toll on the environment and air quality have recently emerged in the past decade or so, causing a divide in car buyers’ options. Energy-efficient vehicles are an attractive option for prospective buyers for a number of reasons, but mainly because it saves them money in gas costs. This is particularly important in areas like West Palm BeachMiami, and Hialeah, FL, where gas prices have skyrocketed in recent years due to the higher demand for commuters to fill their tanks. No one is denying that the environment is important, but the fact is that it isn’t as important to some as it is to others. Therefore, climate should be considered when buying a car only if that is an important conviction to you personally.  Equally important to some is functionality; you should ask yourself if your current vehicle is convenient for you and serves your needs, then go from there. If the environment isn’t much of a concern to you, then read on so that you can learn more about why considering vehicles that are “climate-friendly” could be a good fit for you anyway.

Fuel efficient cars emit less carbon

The first factor to consider when considering buying a new car is the distance you travel daily and your yearly mileage average. If you travel long distances to and from work each day, for example, then you could use a car that gets great gas mileage. When you buy a car that gets good gas mileage, you are doing two things simultaneously; you are helping lessen your carbon footprint and environmental impact, and you are also saving tons of money in fuel costs. Just because a car gets good gas mileage doesn’t mean it has to be an electric car or hybrid, it simply means that you are buying a car with significantly better fuel economy, and is more efficient for your lifestyle. Yes, it is true that hybrids and electric options out there have the lowest unrivaled gas usage over other traditional vehicles, but they can also come with a hefty price tag. It is most important that you find a car that suits your needs for everyday use.

Smaller cars need less maintenance

Another factor to consider when buying a new car is your need for space; you might want to consider downsizing. Let’s say you drive an older station wagon that seats 6 people comfortably; firstly, do you often need to transport up to 6 passengers? Evaluating your daily needs when it comes to space is important because the size of your vehicle generally affects the gas mileage you get, therefore older, larger vehicles tend to have the greatest environmental impact as well as cause a larger dent in our wallets. If you need to have more space for transporting passengers or other items regularly, then you may want to consider buying a more updated, economical version of a family car. For instance, there are many fuel efficient and luxurious vans on the market these days, that are reasonably priced and highly economical in gas usage overall. Although, downsizing can be liberating—you can finally have a reason not to be the soccer carpool parent this summer. Additionally, taking care of larger vehicles generally costs more in car washes, maintenance, and repair; they typically need more maintenance than other, smaller vehicles.

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