Many parts of USA have recently faced severe cold & snow fall that blocked the normal life for few days. Pollution or whatever the cause behind this; one thing for sure that winter with its cold blow will continue for rest of the season. And we may expect to get some rough weather. Is your car ready for the season? Here are some things you should consider to get the automobile ready for the rest of the cold weeks.

  1. Check the Pressure in Your Tires. You’ll be glad, you did this as you go out onto icy roads. Pressure in the tires goes down in cold weather and you need to maintain the proper amount of air pressure in tires. It is not just to keep things safe because properly inflated tires can save money on gasoline. You may also want to think of using snow tires if you happen to live in areas with a lot of hills.
  2. Check All the Fluids in Your Car. Winter is no time to get stuck on the road because of problems with the oil and transmission fluid. Oil in particular is going to thicken in cold weather, and you should be sure that you have the right oil for your model of car. Other fluids can also get thicker in subzero weather, so be sure that they are at the right levels and do the necessary fluid changes.
  3. Clean Up the Battery. The posts and the connection of the battery need to be cleaned and brushed. You also have to make sure the battery has the proper level of water. A battery which is getting old ought to be checked by a professional repair shop to see if it can still charge. By all means have jumper cables in your trunk, or means of contacting emergency road assistance. You need to be safe in the event you are caught out on the open road in a major storm.
  4. Inspect The Belts and Cables in the Car. Cold weather can cause cracking and considerable amount of wear on the belts. The cables should be in good order, and mended if there happens to be a crack in the insulation. Once again, this is for safety on the open road. If the belt snaps in the middle of a blizzard, you are going to be more than sorry.
  5. Take A Look at the Defroster and Heater. These have to be working properly in subzero weather. If they are not, you could be facing a major safety hazard if you are stalled in a blizzard. The repair work could be a little expensive but it is well worth the price you will pay.
  6. The Windshield Wiper and Washer Fluid. There needs to be new wiper blades installed so that you can see effectively. Vision problems are not always caused by snow and ice. Debris is sprayed onto windshield by other cars and can dirty up the windshield. This is why your washer fluid should be at the proper level.
  7. The Anti-Freeze in Your Car Should Be at the Right Level. Your engine is going to have antifreeze ordinarily at a ratio of 50/50 to the water. Wintertime makes things a little bit different. That ratio should be more 60/40 to compensate for the freezing weather.

You probably noticed by now that safety is the major concern in getting the car ready for the winter months. Storms can happen suddenly and drop the temperature as much as 20° in the space of an hour. Strong winds can also play a major factor. You have to be ready for any emergency in winter. Your tires should be able to grip the road firmly and the brakes must work well. This perhaps a good time to have an overall tune up to be done on the car. While it should’ve been done before Thanksgiving, it is still not too late to see to it the car is ready for the weather.

We will probably have a few more weeks of nasty weather. The good news is that spring is not that far away. If your car is properly maintained and ready for the storms, you will not have a problem at all. A final thing to remember is trying to drive a little bit slower in the ice and snow. Things can get slick and you do not want to be in an accident.