Parking your car in the sunlight is an inevitability, there’s no way around leaving your car in the sun on a hot summer day but it’s important that you know the adverse effects that prolonged exposure to the sun can have on your vehicle. Constant exposure to the sun can cause oxidation and premature fading to the paint while the effects on the interior can include fading the color of your seats and interior and cracking to the dashboard or leather seats. We know the effects that sun radiation can have on our skin and know the importance of applying sunscreen regularly when going into the sun, think of the following steps as applying sunscreen to your vehicle to avoid damages to the interior and exterior of your car.

Protect the Paint

  • WASH YOUR VEHICLE – washing your car regularly will clean it of pollution and grime. It’s also important to remember that the work isn’t done after you wash your car, drying it evenly and thoroughly will help protect the paint from minerals left behind by evaporation. Waxing your car is still probably the best way to keep the paint looking new while protecting it from roadside pollution and the sun’s rays. Waxing will also keep dirt from sticking to the vehicle that can help keep your paint safe from pit damages.
  • USE PAINT PROTECTION – Drivers may choose to use an automobile paint protection film kit to protect the car from debris and also the sun’s rays. You can choose a paint protection kit that is do it yourself but most auto body shops also have a service available to purchase as well. No vehicle can be completely safe from the effects of the sun but performing routine maintenance and keeping the car clean will help protect the paint as much as possible.

Protect the Interior

  • Sunshades in the Windows – Using a sun visor in the front windshield when you’re parking your vehicle for extended periods of time and shaded or covered areas are unavailable. Even just a simple visor in the window can help reduce the effects of the sun when it comes to the color fading or cracks developing in the seats or dashboard and the other components of the interior.
  • Seat and Steering Wheel Covers – If you’re looking to protect your interior to the fullest extent, investing in covers for your steering wheel and seats will protect them constantly from the sun’s radiation. Over time these will fade from the constant exposure but your seats and interior will be kept near perfect condition.
  • Clean Your Interior Regularly – Keeping your seats and interior clean and the fabrics or leather well treated and conditioned will keep it more pliable and less susceptible to cracks and fades from the sunlight.

Protect the Internal Components

Driving Car on Summer
  • Check Fluid Levels Regularly – When it’s hot outside, the fluids
    in your car will get used faster than normal so if you’re low on any types of coolanttransmission fluid or oil, then the increased temperature can lead to a higher chance of damage occurring to your vehicle.
  • Test Your Battery in the Summer– The sun’s radiation often leads to a higher load being put onto the battery from when you run things like the air conditioning. Testing the battery and your charging system in general will help keep you safe from sudden problems like the air conditioning not working or the car not starting at all on a hot day.
  • Check Tire Pressure Monthly– In the hot summer months underinflated tires are more likely to blow out in high temperatures. Regularly checking your tire pressure will keep you safe from blowouts and will also ensure that your gas mileage isn’t being negatively affected either. Heat, trapped air and hot rubber can be an extremely dangerous combination so checking the conditions of your tires will help keep you safer in the hot months.

Final words

It’s easy to imagine the effects that the sun’s radiation can have on your paint or seats over prolonged periods of exposure but the sun’s radiation can have even more significant effects when it comes to the internal parts of your car. Knowing the right steps to take to protect your entire car will help keep the costs of repairs down and you traveling safer and more comfortable in even the hottest temperatures.