We spent about 2 months looking for the right vehicle. We knew exactly what we wanted and were searching in the entire country for it until we found our car at Foreign Affairs Auto. Similar vehicles were listed at a similar price, except for the fact that this one only had 16K miles and was still under factory warranty. All others found all over the country had over 40K miles on average. Since I was out of state, I asked my daughter, who lives not far from the dealership, to go and check it for blemishes. She checked it and test drove it and reported back to us that the car was like brand new, although it is a couple of years old. From then on things moved very smoothly, thanks to the honesty and professionalism of Anesh Bodasing. The vehicle was transported to us within a couple of days and when we actually saw the car, it really looked like brand new. We love it! and do highly recommend Foreign Affairs Auto for your automobile needs.