I dropped by to look at a BMW M Roadster that was out at the moment, met Anesh who was very apologetic and left to fetch the car. While waiting… Frank (Cappuccino) Oritz kept me entertained with stories and quenched with the best cappuccino this side of the Pecos. Anesh returned with a beautiful specimen of one of the sexiest BMW convertibles on the market. Negotiations ensued and we struck a deal but could not pick up the car until the following Saturday where Anesh picked me up at my house and brought me to the dealership to finish the paperwork. I drove off with the wind in my hair once again! A very well equipped, comfortable dealership staffed with truly concerned people that, ALL, treated me with the best of respect. I find that type of treatment refreshing and exceptional here in SE Florida where NE rudeness seems to be the norm. (Update) I dropped by the dealership today to pick up a pair of floor mats. Jon Oritz summoned a service tech to install them for me. A pair of floor mats!!!! You just can’t beat that type service, truly dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of their customers. As Arnold says…, I’ll be Back!