Very professional and courteous. They know how to treat a customer. Our situation was a bit unusual. My regular mechanic towed my 2010 Mini Cooper to Foreign Affairs as he could not repair the engine which died at 72k miles. He knows Frank at Foreign Affairs and felt Frank would know best. As it turned out, it was not worth the expense to try and rebuild or replace the engine. Frank forgave their repair bill and we bought a 2013 Prius 4 from Anesh as they took the Mini on trade which at this point was basically worthless. He also gave us a very fair price on this Prius (loaded) and then Jonathan stepped up and through in window tint and 3 basic services. Frank was also “frank” about the poor durability of Minis which we nor our regular mechanic had any clue of. Will never buy another Mini. Would only recommend leasing them. Overall, a very pleasant experience considering what we had gone through.