My review is long overdue and my timeliness doesn’t reflect anything bad or negative on Foreign Affairs’ part because they were awesome from the start. I found Foreign Affairs through a Google search of the car of my choice, a 2011 Nissan Juke. I was attracted to this car’s body and style and it being a crossover vehicle, perfect for my growing family. Upon finding my car on this site, I was amazed at the low price (thousands below what other dealers were asking for the same car), the most features and LOWEST miles than I had seen anywhere else! I thought to myself, for sure there’s something wrong with it. Not to mention, the car being a manual transmission which is was also my preference, all other’s I had seen were automatic. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the car is perfect. Another feature that Foreign Affairs offered were CarFax reports which I saw came with each and every vehicle on their lot. No paying for a report on a car that you may not even buy! My salesman, Anesh, was even more unbelievable in service. Although my interest wasn’t buying one of their high-end European cars (which are also competitively priced, btw), my service and interaction with him was nothing short of professional and courteous. His interaction with me over the car buying period was patient, informative and again PROFESSIONAL. He even held the car there for me for a WEEK until I had the opportunity to make it to the dealership. Once I made it there, I felt like the only customer that mattered, he assisted me every step of the way! After having my car for now two weeks, I couldn’t be more happier. I’m driving in style, comfort and most importantly safety. I’d definitely recommend Foreign Affairs to anyone looking for a great car for a great price with superb service to match. Hey, maybe I’ll make it back one day to buy my REAL dream car, a BMW! Go with Foreign Affairs and you won’t be disappointed.