How do all season tires do in Florida weather?

All season tires are made to handle every type of weather condition. Whether it be snow, rain or dry pavement, these work for everything. By working for everything, they are not able to excel in any of those conditions. Florida doesn’t get snow at all, so sacrificing your cars performance in wet and dry conditions does not make sense. All season tires are not recommended for Florida conditions.

How do passenger tires do in Florida weather?

Passenger tires are usually the cheapest tires you can get. They mostly have higher profiles which makes for a smoother ride and longer wear. Passenger tires will work fine for Florida weather with a variety of them designed for year round wet, dry and snow traction. Passenger tires can greatly hinder the handling and stopping power compared to summer or performance tires. Overall, passenger tires will work for in Florida but aren’t recommended unless you have a very small budget.

How do touring tires do in Florida weather?

Touring tires are a mixture of performance and ride quality. They are are a bit more sporty than the cheap passenger tires, with a slightly lower profile and wider tread area. Touring tires come in a wide spectrum of speed ratings and ride quality variations. Touring tires are mostly all season treads with a few summer treads available. Touring tires are a good and reasonable option for Florida weather.

How do performance tires do in Florida weather?

Performance tires are made to look good and get more traction to the road. Performance tires come in a variety of profiles and widths. Most performance tires come with lower speed ratings of S and T, and are common on vans, street trucks, and muscle cars. Performance tires come in all season tread designs that cater to year round wet, dry and snow variations. Performance tires are a swell option for those of you who won’t be traveling at higher top speeds.

How do high performance tires do in Florida weather?

High performance tires are a step above their regular performance counterparts. With the ability to be driven at much higher speeds with increased handling. High performance tires are widely and famously known as “low profile tires”. Because of their lower profile design they must have much stiffer sidewalls. They also come in a variety of designs for wet and dry conditions. High performance or low profile tires focus on softer tread and larger patches of the tire on the road. High performance tires are the perfect choice for Florida weather, even if you have a sporty sedan.

How do ultra high performance tires do in Florida weather?

Ultra high performance tires are the best of the best for street cars. They normally come standard on very high end performance production cars. They have the lowest profile tire designs to date which give an unmistakable amount of control and handling. Ultra high performance tires have tread designs for both dry and wet conditions. Like the other types of tires the wet treads compromise some performance. If you own a very fast and sporty car in Florida you should consider these your best option.

How do competition tires do in Florida weather?

Competition tires are made for the sole purpose of racing. The large majority of competition tires are meant to put maximum grip to the pavement. With this in mind they don’t have many tread lines, if any at all. Competition tires should be avoided for daily driving in Florida weather, especially since most competition tire types don’t handle wet conditions well. Avoid using competition tires unless you have another set of tires for daily driving.

How do all purpose tires do in Florida weather?

All purpose tires are meant to handle all weather conditions. Since all purpose tires handle all different weather conditions, they don’t excel in any of them. Florida doesn’t have icy or snowy weather conditions, which means those using all purpose tires in Florida are sacrificing drive-ability in return for nothing. Avoid using all purpose tires in Florida unless you have no other options.

How do all terrain tires do in Florida weather?

All terrain tires are used on a variety of trucks and SUVs. All terrain tires have large deep tire treads which work well in dirt and mud. The large majority of them are also able to be driven on the road. If you have a truck, all terrain tires are a great option for Florida drivers.

How do mud terrain tires do in Florida weather?

Mud tires are built to handle extreme off road driving conditions. Most mud terrain tires are not meant to be driven on the road. Mud tires should be avoided unless your truck is meant for off road use only.

How do winter tires do in Florida weather?

Since it doesn’t snow in Florida, winter tires are virtually useless and should be avoided.

Hopefully this post will help you decide what the best tires for Florida weather are. If you have any experiences, share them below!