Car headlights have been around since the beginning

Headlights have been on cars almost as long as cars have been popular, starting in the late 1880’s. It was apparent, even from the start, that people would be driving at dawn, dusk or dark. Being able to see where you are driving in less than optimal light was a need from the very beginning, mostly for safety purposes.

Headlights and car accidents

In fact, driving at night is still a large issue when driving a car. Did you know that nearly half of all traffic related fatalities occur at nighttime, even though only 25% of total traffic happens at night. This represents a large number of car accidents. Clearly driving your car at night is a lot more dangerous compared to during the day. Having a good set of headlights can help your car light up the night.

Good headlights increase visibility and safety

With this being said, it is very important that you properly maintain your headlights. A lot of folks never keep their stock headlights because they believe it is such a simple yet effective upgrade in keeping you a little bit safer. Headlights increase safety? Did we just make that correlation? Yes. Although they are not directly related, car headlights directly effect visibility while driving. Visibility while driving is connected to safety.

Depending on the the headlights you buy, you can increase your visibility dramatically. Aftermarket headlights are usually a lot brighter than OEM headlights. Having brighter headlights also increases other driver’s awareness of you on the road.

Grimy headlights

Over time your headlights can suffer from a grime buildup. This buildup can seriously cut down on the light shining through your car’s headlights. Foreign Affairs Service Center can help you find the right headlights for your European car, even if you would just like to order the OEM headlights. We can also help you find the perfect aftermarket headlights for your European car. We also offer headlight grime removal services for those that would like to keep their original headlights.

Foreign Affairs European Car Center can help you find headlights for any of the follow makes:

  • Audi headlights
  • BMW headlights
  • Jaguar headlights
  • Land Rover headlights
  • Mercedes-Benz headlights
  • Mini headlights
  • Volvo headlights