Since 1980 the Audi Quattro has been at the forefront of four-wheel racing high-performance cars on the track. When it comes to choosing a car to drive, you will want to choose an Audi. The Audi Quattro is an ideal commuter car that can go from the street to a rally race in no time flat. How exciting is that, to know your car is a contender on the track, and a sleeper on the road unless someone knows what they are capable of.

Originally the Audi Quatro, two-door coupe, was produced from 1980-1991. It had a single overhead cam with a 2.1-liter engine stock. Eventually, Audi beefed it up and increased the engine size to a 2.2 litre, complete with a dual overhead cam. This bigger engine added even more airflow and increased the horsepower to the wheels substantially. Because these cars are so lightweight and engineered to grip the road, they are real powerhouses when it comes to track day and when you are on the street.

A car with a reputation like this, with top speeds of 140 MPH in the 1980s, these four-wheel-drive beasts became a race team’s dream. Starting in 1982, a number of race teams would take a stock auto Quattro to make great rally car and likely win their division. It is so much fun to imagine how many people the Audi Quattro brought together for race day fun adventure. In other racing classes, where modifications were allowed, team members would tune their engines. They would soup them up, pushing up to 500 horsepower in these light and highly tuned machines. That is so much power!!

It is safe to say that any Audi, not only the Quattro, makes a good track car as well as a daily commuter. Whether it is an A4 or an R8 you drive, these finely tuned cars are any driver’s dream to drive both on the track and on the street. The capabilities of any /Audi sport model will have you back in your seat, feeling the rubber to the road.

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