A pre-purchase inspection can be a thorny issue for both the buyer and the seller. Automobiles are major purchases, and it can be stressful. But it’s also crucial to have it so that the needs of the car are clear and the value of the car is understood to all parties.

We understand the importance of pre-purchase inspections because we not only repair and inspect cars, we sell them, right here in Palm Beach county. If there’s a foreign automobile you’re thinking of buying, it makes sense to bring that car to Foreign Affairs. You need that car to be mechanically sound, and we can determine that for you. When you bring the vehicle to us for inspection, we will:

  • Investigate all major systems of the car (engine, transmission, fuel system, and exhaust components)
  • Scan the electrical system for error codes
  • Run a complete diagnostic
  • Perform a thorough brake inspection
  • Inspect the suspension
  • Do a full cosmetic sweep
  • Check for tell-tale signs of collision damage

We will then advise you on any worn or damaged parts and give you an estimate for repairs for the buyer and seller to negotiate independently. As a neutral third party in the pre-purchase inspection equation, our focus is to make an honest assessment of the car’s needs and let buyer and seller move forward together knowing the car is being valued correctly and that any deficiencies or damage have been declared.

If you need a pre-purchase inspection, make an appointment today for the vehicle with Foreign Affairs! Just click this embedded link to make an appointment for service. Or call us with any questions you might have at 561-475-4145. You can find us located at 1681 N Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.