If you are a 5 Series owner then there are some common issues that you’ll need to deal with at some point. There is even a good chances that you may have already experienced some of these already. One difficulty you may experience is problems with the steering column.

If you notice any of the symptoms below in your 5 Series, then it is a good idea to head straight to your trusted BMW service center for an inspection and explanation of what’s happening in your car.


If you are starting to hear noises from your steering wheel then this will most often indicate problems with your suspension system as a whole. Check these out to know if it’s time to head to your mechanic:

  • Power Steering Pump Failure: If your power steering pump fails, your car will become increasingly difficult to turn and it can make whining noises. A failing pump can become stiff or slow to respond, which can be very dangerous for you and everyone on the road.
  • Hearing Creaking Sounds in the Telescoping Steering Wheel: It is not uncommon to develop a creaking sound when adjusting the steering wheel up or down. However, if this is new and is coupled with any of the signs above, be sure to bring your BMW to a trusted shop to ensure there aren’t other nefarious problems going on behind your view.
  • Power Steering Fluid is Leaking: Fluids are the lifeblood of your car. We all know the importance of gasoline and oil for our engine. Fluids for your steering wheel are just as significant. If you have a leak in the line or a hole in the reservoir, your power steering fluid may be leaking out onto other components. Your steering wheel pump will eventually run dry, grinding and creaking while it’s struggling to help you steer your car.


Even though you might be tempted to troubleshoot these strange noises on your own, that isn’t for the best. You should take your BMW into Foreign Affairs to troubleshoot these issues because they could be indicative of a more serious problem. If the vehicle’s power steering fluid is running out, it most likely means there is a leak somewhere in its reservoir. Like the many other fluid run systems in your car, it is risky to continue operating below the correct levels, and this is a sign that your vehicle should be serviced right away to potentially replace the power steering fluid tank.

There have been recalls and dealer warnings in the past for this issue depending on the year of your specific 5 Series. This is probably the most extreme issue that steering column noises could be showing. This small issue could mean that the entire steering rack itself needs to be replaced.

Combinations of all three of these problems have been experienced by some 5 Series drivers, which is why it is not recommended such an extreme part replacement be done at home without first consulting an expert. Though this could be your culprit, it could also be a waste of time and money if the problem is somewhere else in the linkage or fluids.

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