Typically, you will need a wheel alignment every one or two years. While this is what is recommended many car owners will put off getting their alignment done. So if you have not gotten an alignment in some time, then you may start to notice some symptoms that it is wearing on your tires and the rest of your Porsche.

Signs that you need a wheel alignment:

  • Tire wear: You can sometimes tell that the tires have been worn unevenly by scalloping or cupping wear.
  • Pulling: As you drive, your vehicle is designed to head straight automatically. If it pulls to the left or the right, then this may be due to uneven tire wear, from a lack of wheel alignments.
  • Steering wheel orientation: You may not notice pulling, because you may compensate for pulling by holding the wheel to the left or the right. If you need to hold the steering wheel off-kilter for the vehicle to go straight, you may need a wheel alignment.
  • Steering wheel vibration: When two or more of your tires are pulling in a different direction, this causes stress on the steering wheel and can wear it down.
  • Noises from tires: Tires that have been worn down unevenly may make noises.

Your Porsche might also be in need a wheel alignment after getting new tires. Some tire warranties are only valid if you get a wheel alignment, otherwise, the tires will degrade unevenly, and the tire manufacturer or mechanic will not be responsible for any issues with the tires.

What Causes Your Wheels to Change?

So, you know the signs that your wheels need an alignment, but why has this happened? No matter how well-designed or high-end the vehicle, wheels naturally come out of line. Here are some causes:

  • Impacts: Driving your wheels onto obstacles like potholes are one reason that the wheels can come out of alignment.
  • Collisions: Major collisions can bend and break wheel components such that alignment is well out of balance. Minor collisions can do minor damage too.
  • Wear: Bushings, springs and other parts of the wheel start to wear over time. They will slowly hold the wheels less securely.
  • Steering: Your steering wheel can wear and slowly apply uneven pressure on the tires.

Once the alignment is out of whack, the uneven wear on tires will slowly exaggerate the problem. Regular wheel alignments will prevent this.

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