Prevent auto theft in West Palm Beach with tips from Foreign Affairs Auto

On average a vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds in the United States and most of those thefts can be prevented with a few common preventative methods. Florida is in the number two state for auto theft in the country so all of us at Foreign Affairs Auto are going to teach you some methods to help you reduce the risk of having your car stolen in West Palm Beach.

Auto theft unfortunately happens in Florida all and most of the time it’s because of the owner’s behavior. Almost 50% of auto theft is due to something that the driver does or doesn’t do, like leaving the keys in the ignition or leaving the doors unlocked. Certain vehicles are more likely to become victims of auto theft. Surprisingly, instead of fancy sports cars and expensive SUV’s the cars that are most likely prone to auto theft are the common run-of-the-mill passenger cars. Car thieves often target your car for auto theft because they want to sell your components and the individual parts of your car, not because they want your whole car.

No one is safe from auto theft but you could be more prone to having your car stolen if you live in certain places or drive a certain type of car. T o help prevent auto theft in West Palm Beach you just have to use some common sense.

Tips to help prevent auto theft in West Palm Beach: keep you vehicle locked at all times, never leave your keys in the car, hide your valuables and never leave you car running while unattended.

It’s hard to stop someone from stealing your car if they really want it but you can definitely make it tougher for them by following these tips from Foreign Affairs Auto