Avoid buying a car with hurricane damage

Here in West Palm Beach we all know about and are familiar with hurricane damage. When you are looking to buy used car make sure you don’t get stuck buying one that has hurricane damage.

Whenever there is hurricane flooding, there is sure to be someone trying to sell a used car that has been ruined by hurricane damage. Used car buyers in Florida need to be aware that some used car dealerships may try to sell used cars that have hurricane damage. Foreign Affairs would like to share some tips with you so you know what to look for so you don’t get stuck buying a used car that has hurricane damage.

Here are some signs that a car may have been flooded by hurricane damage.

  • Mildew and silt in places where you wouldn’t normally find it.
  • Rust on screws and other metal parts
  • Water stains or faded upholstery, discoloration of seat belts and door panels.
  • Moisture on the inside of the instrument panel. Dampness in the floor and carpeting.
  • A strong smell of deodorizer that may be covering a moldy odor.
  • Wires that crack when you bend them because they were once wet and drying made them brittle.
  • Gauges and warning lights that don’t work properly and exterior lights that don’t come on.

Water damage can lead to problems with a vehicle’s computer and electrical systems that may cause anti-lock brake and airbag systems to malfunction. It’s important to trust your used car dealership in order to be confident in the vehicle you are buying.