My Car’s Time of the Year

As a woman, I must say we have so many schedules and updates we live by . From “it’s that time of the year”…to ” that time of the month”… to “time of the week”…and even “time of the days”. If you know what I am talking about, we are all on the same boat. There are those “times” that we can call ourselves pros when it comes to self-maintenance, such as scheduling your regular mani-pedi or highlight touch-ups. However, there are those other “times” that we dread just because after all the years, we perhaps still feel like rookies.

The other day I noticed it is nearly time for my baby (2013 6-Speed Mini Cooper S) to receive maintenance. Being that my father has always taken care of my car needs for as long as I can remember, I can embarrassingly admit that I am a rookie in this game field, just like many others. For that reason, I did my research to earn a self-degree with specialization in Motherhood of my Mini Cooper.