“It’s 5’o Clock Somewhere”

Our cars that we drive day in/day out deal with our crazy lifestyles. The daily routines, unannounced weather conditions, lane-switching, music-blasting, brake-slamming behavior is just a “snapchat” of  what our babies have to endure. Although they do not show their emotional breakdowns as we do, they are machines that have their good and bad days too. When your car is running outstandingly smooth it just makes you want to cruise down A1A, windows down, music up, and appreciate the moment. However, when your car is a bit cranky and not running as it should, it is probably because you need to pour her a good ole’ drink!

We all know that staying hydrated helps keeps our body feeling and acting healthy. I have also heard in recent studies that one glass of red wine every night can help prevent heart disease (thank you to whomever performed that experiment). Like humans, our cars have several ways to prevent the unexpected doctor’s visit.

Like water (or wine), oil in cars is used to keep the engine functioning properly. The moving parts included in a car’s engine need to be hydrated and lubricated for free movement. In turn, when the oil filters start to collect too much grime, varnish, and carbon it can unfortunately cause engine failure. Therefore, we need to keep our vehicles hydrated and even treat them to a nice happy hour once in awhile.

For luxury cars like mine, the average oil change is expected every 10,000 miles or about six months (depending on how much you drive), although your vehicle manual will most likely dictate the recommended time frame.  Remember: Prevention is preparation. Clogged oil filters can result in a worn-out piston or an engine cleaning, both too costly while you splurge on your next Tory Burch bag.