Owning a Porsche can be a dream for many drivers. A Porsche vehicle is known for its luxury, performance, and style. But with any car comes maintenance, and Porsche cars are no different. These high-end, powerful machines require certified parts and regular service to ensure they stay in prime condition. Porsche maintenance can seem costly, but most Porsche owners don’t realize that they don’t have to go to the Porsche dealership for all their maintenance needs. In fact, there are some basic maintenance tips you can follow to just as effectively maintain the car’s value and performance.

Porsche DO’s


Regular Maintenance


Do keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance intervals. These are put in place for a reason, and following them will help keep your Porsche running properly for years to come. Porsche generally recommends an oil change every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Mobil 1 is an authorized motor oil for Porsche and can be found at most auto parts stores.

Use Porsche Approved Parts


Do use Porsche-approved parts when it’s time for a repair or replacement. Porsche parts are designed specifically for Porsche vehicles and will fit and function better than aftermarket parts.

There are several potential disadvantages if you use aftermarket parts in your Porsche. These parts may not be built to work reliably with the rest of the vehicle, resulting in poor performance or even engine failure. Additionally, utilizing aftermarket components may void your warranty, which means you will be responsible for all future repairs and maintenance. Finally, using non-authorized parts may have an effect on the resale value of your car if you decide to trade it in or sell it secondhand. Finally, if you want to keep your Porsche in good shape and running smoothly for years to come, it’s better to use only high-quality OEM components from the manufacturer.

Porsche Specialists


Do get your Porsche regularly serviced by a qualified technician – this will help to avoid costly repairs down the road. Schedule regular check-ups and services with a Porsche specialist can ensure that your Porsche is running smoothly and efficiently.

Porsche DON’Ts


Drive Irresponsibly


Do drive your Porsche responsibly – speeding, hard braking, and other aggressive driving habits can shorten its lifespan. Porsche recommends driving within the posted speed limit and avoiding sudden stops whenever possible.

Ignore Warning Lights


Do take heed of all warning lights on your Porsche dashboard. These lights are there for a reason, and ignoring them can lead to more serious, costly problems, such as a flat tire, brake issues, or engine problems. If a warning light comes on, be sure to have it checked out as soon as possible.

Postpone Maintenance


Do not put off Porsche maintenance, even if it seems like a minor repair. Porsche parts are designed to work together, and delaying one repair can often lead to the need for another. Putting off Porsche maintenance can also void your warranty. Porsche maintenance includes checking your brakes, fluid levels, alignment, and tire pressure regularly.


Following these important tips can help you keep your Porsche running like new for years to come. Be sure to consult with a Porsche specialist if you have any questions about Porsche maintenance or repairs.

Porsche Maintenance Specialists in West Palm Beach, FL


Our Porsche maintenance specialists at Foreign Affairs Auto have been servicing Porsche vehicles for years, and our team of qualified technicians is dedicated to providing the best possible service. Our state-of-the-art automotive facility is equipped with the latest Porsche diagnostic and repair equipment. We offer a wide range of Porsche maintenance services, including oil changes, brake service, alignment, and more.


If you’re due for Porsche maintenance or if you have any questions about Porsche repairs, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our facility today. Make an appointment online today or give us a call at (561) 220-6299. We look forward to helping you keep your Porsche running like new!