Welcome to the March blog! Spring is now just 20 days away. There are trips to plan and people to see. We hope you can have some kind of Spring Break this year to make up for the one you may have missed last year when COVID-19 hit.

Spring brings with it lots of challenges for West Palm Beach. For allergy sufferers, the high pollen count and allergy season can be  a huge factor.  

There’s many things you can do to reduce allergens from getting into the car. Allergy medicine Zyrtec has a handy guide to fighting back allergy season in your car:

  • Wipedowns – wipe down all the surfaces to remove all the traces. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to pick up what the wipes miss in between the cracks and in the corners
  • Set the A/C to recirculate the air – recirculated air will mean less pulling pollen-loaded air though the air filter.
  • Ban the pets – your furry friends carry pollen with them. For allergy season, limit the trips you take with the family pet, or bring them in carriers.
  • Roll up your windows – this suggestion seems too obvious to mention, but the fact is, sometimes we forget that a rolled-down window invites all the pollen in the air into your vehicle and then traps it there.

A functional cabin filter is essential in keeping the inside of your vehicle free of pollutants as it stops contaminants such as dirt, dust, & pollen from entering the cabin of a vehicle through the Air Conditioning System. When debris that is trapped by the filter builds up, the filter needs to be changed to allow the filter to continue doing its job. A good rule of thumb is to replace your Cabin Filter every March, right before spring allergy season arrives.  We hope it’s a great spring ahead for you! And of course, if you wanted to have your Cabin Filter replaced on your European Car, call or text us to schedule an appointment! Foreign Affairs is located at 1681 N Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.