Photo by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

It’s February once again, and Foreign Affairs is still going strong. Once again, our thoughts turn to the coming of Spring and the love and affection of Valentine’s Day.

As we reflect on the love in our relationships, it’s a fine time to consider why we love European cars so much. Why specifically European models and not Asian models or Domestics? As a brand, Lexus made an excellent argument for this just by existing, picking a European-sounding name, and trying to emulate European style and sophistication in an Asian import. Here are our top four reasons for choosing European cars over others:

Technological advancement – European cars are the most technologically advanced cars in the world. Innovation is a significant component of European import cars. The best of what is available comes out of Europe, where Heads Up Augmented Reality displays are the thing of today, and new ideas keep coming. Except for Ford, most Domestic brands were happy to coast into the post-2008 era without much innovation.

Advanced Engineering – From the BMW to the Volvo to the Volkswagen, European engineering is heads above the rest. In particular, Volkswagen made engineering perfect and straightforward, gracing us with cars that are sensible to repair and don’t seem to frustrate the process of trying to fix them.

Longevity, Fuel Efficiency, and Resale. That European cars last for a long time and retain their resale value better than average is no small factor in owning a European car. The combination of longevity and re-sellability significantly increases their worth, and the return on the investment. Add to that their fuel efficiency, and it makes perfect sense why smart shoppers prefer European models.

Elegance. While plenty of luxury brands come out of Asia and America, Europe has always made elegant cars that are beautiful, sleek, and luxurious on the inside. Jaguars and BMWs traditionally have had the perfect combination of performance and sleekness that makes them envied in every corner of the globe. 

There are loads of good things to say about Domestics, and Asian imports have their virtues, too, but for the folks at Foreign Affairs, European cars have our hearts forever. If your European vehicle requires service, schedule an appointment with our technicians today and let us address your issues immediately! Foreign Affairs is located at 1681 N Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.