What is the thing we service the most on our cars? That’s right, oil changes. You may be wondering why we had asked that question. It’s because we want you to think about how often you change the oil in your car. Every time, at least for us, it seems as if we just got our oil changed!

But why do we need to change the oil in our cars so often? The reason lies within it’s use in our vehicles engine. Engine oil is used as a lubricant between the moving parts inside the engine. The parts inside the engine are moving at a very fast rate and heavily rely on engine oil to provide protection. With a lot of movement, heat and pressure, engine oil has a very hard job. This is the reason we have to replace it so often.

Petroleum based oils degrade and break down a lot faster than synthetic oils. Synthetic oil has a much higher tolerance to the heat created within a car’s engine.

Synthetic oil is better at protecting your engine than conventional engine oil. Synthetic oils have much cleaner composition since they are derived from a laboratory and not nature. Synthetic oils also create less resistance between the moving parts in your engine. This not only helps the efficiency of your engine but the length of it’s life as well.

Synthetic oil increases the mileage you can put on your car before getting your next oil change. Leading synthetic car oils allow you to drive around 15,000 miles on one oil change depending on your cars specifications.

If you are someone that commutes to work you probably average a lot more miles per month on your car too. This means you usually have to get your oil changed even more frequently. With more miles and oil changes comes a price.

A price that Foreign Affairs would like to help you out with. As part of the automotive community in Florida we want to give back. We have oil change coupons in West Palm Beach Florida that you can use to get the oil changed in your European or foreign car.

Foreign Affairs service center oil change coupon is for a $79.95 synthetic oil change and multipoint vehicle inspection. Start changing the oil in your car and protecting your engine today with a synthetic oil change from Foreign Affairs service center.