Yes, there, we said it. Foreign cars are better than American cars. But there must be some reasons why foreign cars are better than American cars? This topic has been one that car enthusiasts have fought over for decades. And by fought we mean heated discussions on forums, YouTube videos, parking lots, garages, the strip, you name it. The typical defense of the American car these days is that they have more diverse models that can now compete with it’s foreign competitors. Although this is true, it still seems that if you were to take a general average across the board, foreign cars still trump American cars in several key areas.

Foreign cars are more luxurious than American cars

Foreign cars have way more luxurious features than American cars. Foreign cars often come with luxury options such as really comfortable leather seats. These seats are usually heated and sometimes come with lumbar support for your back. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice back massage while driving home from work everyday?

Foreign cars come with power everything (windows, locks, seats, mirrors). A lot of foreign cars also come with a moonroof. Having a moonroof is really nice when you want some fresh air but don’t want want a lot of noise in the cabin of the car. Moonroofs are also perfect for letting sun shine through the roof of your car on beautiful sunny days. Foreign cars also have very specific temperature controls for multiple “zones” to keep everyone happy.

Foreign cars get better MPG than American cars

Although American cars are getting better and better MPG numbers each year, the majority of foreign cars have implemented gas saving technologies much earlier. This has allowed them to hone their MPG technologies and still keep power under the hood. Most of the American cars that are made to get great MPG lack much of the power their former counterparts once had.

Foreign cars handle better than American cars

Handling still seems to be an issue for the majority of American cars. Whether they put too much power to the ground or have a cheaper suspension system, it seems they can’t quite find the right balance. Although American cars have improved their handling significantly, this is probably still one of their weakest areas.

Foreign cars have better styling than American cars

Foreign cars have always made styling a key priority. For most American car manufacturers it seems like design aesthetics are updated a lot less frequently compared to foreign cars. American cars have made huge strides in the designs of their cars (most recently Ford in 2012), but foreign car makers have consistently being doing this for multiple generations. We’ll see how the American car companies keep up with their designs in the coming years.

Overall, American cars have made great strides recently but still have a lot of work to catch up to their foreign counterparts. Since these strides have been made recently, used foreign cars are still a much better option compared to similar American models of that year.

Get the best, get foreign!