If you live in an area with extremely harsh winters, things like intense rainstorms or snow likely have you thinking of warmer weather for months. One area with a winter that is not so severe is Florida, often known for its’ almost year-round ideal weather conditions that make it such a popular destination for residents and vacationers alike. Whether you’re living there or vacationing, there’s a good chance that you will need your car to get around everywhere that you want to go and during the winter months you may hear about winter specific tires for your car. Before purchasing these for your car however, take these things into consideration to help determine if your car is able to handle the West Palm Beach, Florida winters with the tires that you have already.

  • Consider the Weather Conditions– Oftentimes winter has the connotation of harsh, cold winters with blistering storms and slick roads that make it difficult for regular tire treads to keep a good grip on the road. Winter specific tires have tread designed to withstand those conditions and give you better handling on those surfaces. In West Palm Beach however, the average temperature during the winter months has sat somewhere in the mid 70s for the last few years, with rainfall actually lower in the winter months than in the summer ones. This means that you shouldn’t worry too much about needing the added traction of winter tires, as your current ones should do just fine.
  • Smooth Surfaces to Drive On– Known for its bustling nightlife, West Palm Beach is a massively popular destination for Spring Break in the summer time and the constant good weather carries that attraction into the winter months. Another reason you can drive with confidence in your current tires is the conditions of the roads, primarily a beach town, it’s smooth roads and surfaces that you will be predominantly driving on so there is no added assistance needed that having special winter tires will give you.
  • Condition of Your Current Tires– Unless your current tires need to be replaced and are showing signs of wear and tear, then the neutral temperatures will have no effect on your tires’ tread and grip. Hotter roads can sometimes cause added friction; reducing your fuel efficiency by making your tires stick to the surfaces more and increasing the force needed to move while colder surfaces can be slicker and give you less grip and therefore less control of your handling. However the year-round temperature in Florida stays relatively neutral, giving your tires no real change in conditions, meaning unless your tread is already worn out, you don’t have to be concerned that your handling or stability will be affected significantly just because it’s the winter.
  • Adjust Your Driving Style as Needed– The harder you are on your car and your tires, the more likely it is that you will need new ones sooner. If you constantly stop and go and turn sharply at the last second or drive above the speed limits consistently, then your tires and entire car will be worse for wear because of it. In the winter months there are more tourists and therefore more traffic on the roads, meaning that while you don’t need new tires to handle the roads, you do need to be mindful of how you’re driving to avoid putting unnecessary wear on your entire vehicle, including the tires you currently have.

The thought of superior winter-specific tires made to handle harsh elements and slick roads may be extremely enticing. When navigating these harsh conditions having control of your vehicle and feeling a good grip on the road are important keys to getting through without incident. However in areas like West Palm Beach, Florida, there is hardly ever an instance where your vehicle would substantially benefit from putting winter only tires on it. As long as your current tires aren’t significantly damaged or worn out already, they will be able to handle the mild weather and smooth roads that fill the town. While not without the occasional rainfall, the only reason to invest in heavy duty winter tires is simply if you think they look cool, for everything else, your normal tires will get the job done just fine.