There are pluses and minuses to hurricane season, which hits us every year and lasts from June through the end of September. On the plus side, we can see them coming so we have time to prepare. On the minus side, hurricane season lasts a very long time–six months! So it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time, as much as possible.

Make Sure Your Car is Hurricane-Ready

What that means is bring your car in and have all the fluids checked and replaced, if necessary. Have the right amount of air in your tires. Ask us to check your A/C and all the belts in the car. Make sure you have a spare tire and that it’s adequately inflated. Get the windshield wipers replaced, too. Keep the gas tank full in case you need to leave in a hurry. Most importantly, do this at the beginning of hurricane season, not when you get a hurricane warning!

Have An Emergency Kit

A big box or backpack full of supplies is a necessity for any time you need to evacuate. Jumper cables, flares, flashlights, gloves, duct tape, and antifreeze are all good items for your emergency kit. Have phone numbers of tow services available, too. This kit can live in your trunk. Once you’ve done this one time, you’ll feel so much better. Trust us on this.

An Emergency Kit for the Family, Too

For the family, we recommend having energy bars, bottled water, some games (whether you have kids or not), medication, eyeglasses, insurance information, and chocolate. If you’re already backing up all your photos to the cloud, then you should be ok there. It’s also a very good idea to have a place where everyone will meet in case cell phones aren’t working. You may want a list of hotels that are out of the danger zone where you can ride out the storm.

Limit the Amount of Stuff You Bring if You Evacuate

Although we hope you don’t have to evacuate, there is only so much you can bring with you. Try to limit family members to one suitcase each. Sentimental items are ok to bring, but smaller ones are better. If you can take a picture rather than bringing large items, that will help make the suitcases lighter.

If You Decide Not To Evacuate

If you live far enough inland and you are not at risk of storm surge or rising waterways, you may decide to stay at home during the hurricane. If you decide to go that route, here is a helpful list of ways to prepare your home and your car:

  • Tape the glass of your windows and board them up if you don’t have storm shutters.
  • Stock up on the essentials, like water, food, and medications.
  • Have cash on hand. If the power goes out, your ATM machine may not be working.
  • Plan for power backups. Stock up on battery operated lighting and devices in case you lose power for several days.
  • Park your car inside your garage to protect it from falling debris.
  • Be sure your gas tank is full in case you need to leave. Not all gas stations will be open during the day of the storm.

We’re Here to Help You Prepare
We’d love to help get your car ready for hurricane season. Bring your vehicle to Foreign Affairs Auto for preventive maintenance this Summer to ensure your car is running smoothly and there is a low risk of breakdown during the evacuation. We offer a 31-point inspection that will put your mind at ease. Let us give you a great customer experience while we get your car ready for you. We want you to have a wonderful service experience. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online. You’ll be glad you did.